We are here to support you through feelings of loneliness & isolation

Drop By For A Chat Anytime!

Every now and again you may feel lonely or isolated and could do with some support. Support from someone who will listen to you but not judge you!

Providing you with a non-judgemental shoulder for support, or to cry on is what we do here at Goodbye Lonely.

Please believe us when we say there is light at the end of the tunnel,
YOU could also be the light at the end of someone else's tunnel!

Take the first step and make contact - we’d love to listen. 

You can also join our Facebook Group with over 350 members. 
We regularly post inspiring and informational content. We also do fun stuff like online pet shows, favourite photos, and discussions.
Drop in for a chat or just listen.
There's no need to be lonely!
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We also have a WhatsApp group
What’s on Your Mind
where you can just have a chinwag.
It’s open to anyone feeling
a bit lonely! 
Anywhere in the world!
If you need company or support then please don’t feel isolated!
Don't be lonely!
We are here for you.
We look forward to meeting you.
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Established by Keith Grinsted MBA FRSA

Keith has experienced most of life's challenges, has had suicide awareness training, is a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) and a Wellbeing Champion.

He has been interviewed about loneliness and related issues on BBC TV and Radio, The Independent, The Sun, The Guardian, Closer magazine and many others.

Here are a few examples…

Talking with the late Captain Sir Tom Moore on BBC Breakfast....

Goodbye Lonely featured on Smiley News...

NEWSWEEK article aboutbouncing back..:

Keith is also a published business writer and you can see some of his articles here…

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Help us to raise £10,000 to create a Goodbye Lonely charitable organisation to help support people through loneliness and isolation.