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Say Goodbye to Lonely!

Our weekly Zoom calls are on
Wednesday at 19:00 (London time)
Drop in for a chat.
There's no need to be lonely!

Open to anyone feeling a bit lonely
Anywhere in the world
Need company or support?
Don't be lonely!
We are here for you.
We look forward to meeting you.

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Goodbye Hungry

Please visit our new site devoted to eradicating food poverty...

Goodbye Hungry

And if you have some spare time we'd love you to join us as a
~~ Food Ambassador ~~
From the comfort of your armchair, or sunlounger (!) you can help connect us with foodbanks, community kitchens, pantries and the like in your area.
We are also looking for food bloggers with great recipes and tricks for making economical family meals.

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Goodbye Lonely is run by
Keith Grinsted MBA FRSA

Keith has been interviewed about loneliness and other issues on BBC TV and Radio, along with The Independent, The Sun, The Guardian and many others.

Here's Keith talking with the late Captain Sir Tom Moore on BBC Breakfast....

Keith talking about mental health issues in LADbible....

Goodbye Lonely featured on Smiley News...

Keep bouncing back:

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